Photo Quiz: “Tveit, Tveit Don’t Tell Me!”

Just off an acclaimed pre-Broadway run of Moulin Rouge: The Musical in Boston, theater and television star Aaron Tveit (rhymes with “wait”; it’s Norwegian) will make his San Francisco debut at Marine’s Memorial Theater on September 27 in a solo concert presented by Feinstein’s.  Tveit has been bubbling just below leading man stardom for years now. While Moulin Rouge is likely to launch him toward household-name status (at least in households consisting of one or more theater geeks), you may well know his handsome face already.

Here are images and descriptions of Tveit in some of his memorable stage and screen roles. Recognize him now? See how many of the show and film titles you can come up with.  (Answers at bottom).

1. Aaron and Eddie supported Russell and Hugh in this film version of one of the world’s most popular musicals.

2.  Aaron played “Roger” in a special Hollywood Bowl concert version of this Gen X favorite.

3.   Aaron played an FBI agent as the lead in this three-season series on USA network.

4.  Aaron played a psychotic hallucination named Gabe in his Broadway breakthrough.

5. Aaron’s first leading role on Broadway was in a character made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio.

6.  Aaron played James Franco’s lover in this film, particularly relevant to San Francisco audiences.


  1. Les Miserables (2012) 2. Rent (2010) 3. Graceland (2013-15 ) 4. Next to Normal (2009-10) 5. Catch Me If You Can (2011 ) 6. Howl (2010)