Burning Dan: The post-playa pleasures of Daniel Reichard

“I’m a burner,” says Daniel Reichard, regretting that he couldn’t make it to Black Rock City this week. (He’s got gigs in Manhattan and on Fire Island).

But in a classic only-in-San Francisco juxtaposition, Reichard expects a passle of playa-goers to convene in the usually more straightlaced climes of Feinstein’s at the Nikko not long after the burn.

“Honestly, when I was originally planning this show, it was going to be called  Burning Man Playlist,” says Reichard. “I have dozens of friends in the Bay Area who I first met there.”

In the communal spirit of Burning Man, Reichard—who sometimes performs backed only by a pianist—will have a full five-piece combo along for what promises to be an eclectic evening here.

Rather than a Great American songbook set, Reichard promises “Some Talking Heads, B-52s, Lady Gaga. The oldest song is by Rodgers and Hammerstein and the newest is Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Mystery of Love,’ which was in Call Me By Your Name.”

“Every song is different than the one before,” he says. “The mood changes every three to five minutes.”

Reichard, who played over 1000 performances in the original Broadway cast of Jersey Boys, has managed to build a successful career as a concert and cabaret performer since leaving that show in 2008. While he plans to start auditioning for New York theater again in the coming year, Reichard is thrilled to have taken a decade away from the nightly (plus two weekly matinee) grind of Broadway.

“I guess,” he says, in terms that reveal a certain Burning Man sensibility, “I’ve wanted to make sure I enjoy the full course meal of being alive.”