Getting racy with Team Well Strung

Trevor Wadleigh (L) and Chris Marchant (R) Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Can’t get enough of Well Strung? Well you can warm up for the singing string quartet’s Thursday through Saturday night performances at Feinstein’s at the Nikko by watching The Amazing Race on CBS Television this Wednesday night at 8 p.m.: Violinist Chris Marchant and violist Trevor Wadleigh are contestants in the 30th season of the globetrotting competition.

In fact, if you’re a frequent Feinsteins-goer and had tickets to the quartet’s postponed engagement last fall, now you what precipitated the postponement. The series was filmed this past October and November, leading to several rescheduled engagements.

As usual, after Feinstein’s gigs, the quartet will greet fans and sign albums outside the showroom, but please don’t ask Wadleigh and Marchant to spill the beans on race results. They’re sworn to secrecy—with extreme financial punishment if they blab.

The quartet’s two tallest members bring complementary skill sets to the TV competition: Wadleigh, who grew up in woodsy Washington State is an outdoors enthusiast, and Marchant is a lifelong game and puzzle aficionado.

Two legs of the race have already been televised: First, on January 3, our fearless fiddlers traveled from Manhattan to Iceland where they off-roaded, zip-lined, solved word games, and downed shots of cod liver oil.

Last Wednesday saw them carry on to Belgium where diamonds, chocolate, and massive quantities of frites figured into the challenges.

And the night before they open at Feinstein’s you can watch the pair move along to Morroco. Zimbabwe, Bahrain, and the Czech republic are further stops on the season’s itinerary.

Well Strung does plenty of touring, but the pace of the race differs by orders of magnitude—thousands of miles are traversed every week. Nonetheless, as fans of the hunky foursome will see this weekend, Wadleigh and Marchant look no worse for the wear.

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