Lady Rizo: Behind the music

Here’s a little inside scoop on a few of the songs from Lady Rizo’s new album Indigo, which she’ll be spotlighting in her performance at Feinstein’s next week (And for our interview with Lady Rizo, click here)

—”Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright” features a Lady Rizo  melody that compellingly crossbreeds film noir and tango.  The lyrics, however, are not her own:  The track is a musical setting of a Dylan Thomas poem that explores the tension between pain and pleasure. The song was commissioned for a stage piece by the Soho Theater in London.

—”It’s Alright” with words and music by Rizo, reflects on the emotional challenges she faced in trying to build a relationship with a polyamorous man.

—”Albatross” was almost dropped from the final album.  While the tune strays a bit from the smoky blend of angst and seduction that infuses the rest of the album, its propulsive beat and Blondie-like melody are likely to be a favorite of many listeners.

—”The Ghost of the Chateau Marmont” will be familiar to discerning San Francisco cabaret-goers; it was written by Spencer Day, who performed it as part of his Feinstein’s shows this past spring.

—”Lilac Wine” is surely the song on Indigo that’s been recorded by the most other artists. Written in 1950 by James Shelton, its been performed by an unlikely mix of singers, from John Legend to Miley Cyrus to Eartha Kitt.  Lady Rizo’s version owes something to two of the best renditions—by Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley.


Lady Rizo on costumes…

  • I feel like people don’t change clothes enough. I love going to a party and bringing a bag of costume changes.”


  • “There are elements of burlesque to my show. I usually invite someone up on stage for my costume change and they stand there with me, behind a screen, with my pubes out.  Its very vulnerable for both of us.”